Then & Now

Many thanks to Owen Bengston, the WEA, Irene Cowens, Pat Wesson and The Mingards for the old photos of Bardon Mill & Henshaw. Some of these pictures are of painted postcards (not colour photographs) and others may be based on the photographs of W.P.Collier of Bellingham, selected by S.F.Owen in some of his books. Steve Gibbon took the 2007 photographs. All others Paul Mingard.

The historic images of Bardon Mill & Henshaw are believed to date from around 1900-1910 although one picture clearly dates from earlier than this period, when the pond driving the race for the Corn Mill (now Cornmill Cottage) still existed. The pictures are shown with their 2014 equivalents where the picture can be identified. Apart from cars, new electricity poles, telephone lines and tree sizes, in many ways not a lot has changed in over 100 years. There have been some changes since 2007, including new houses.

Have you got any pictures to add to this collection?

Circa 1905 - 1910 2014 (unless stated)

This appears to be a copy of the oldest picture but cannot be dated exactly. It shows what is now the village green when it was still a dam feeding the race for the Corn Mill, now Cornmill Cottage. The 2007 equivalent was taken from the Shop corner.

Railway, Station House and Waiting Rooms - Note that in 1905 there were three tracks here, one for the 'Royal' Platform and the filling of coal trucks. The building to the left of the Station House is now just a set of large blocks.

Station Road looking from the station end. Old Mill farm is to the right with children outside Station Cottages. What was a pig sty in 1905 is now Cornmill Cottage. There are two street lights in the 1905 picture - one still exists at the side of Cornmill Cottage but is obscured in this picture by the electricity pole which was not there in 1905.

Station Road looking towards the Station with Station Cottages to the left and Station House in the background, partly obscured by trees. Notice that in 1905 there was a gated entrance to the Station itself and of course the Station was manned.

The Village Shop in 1910, proprietors unknown. Later on the shop also housed the village post office from 1950 to 2009. The 2013 shot from the same place shows the shop is now a tea room too.

St Cuthbert's Beltingham Circa 1905 and 2014. The main change is the growth of the Yew Trees in front of the church and to the right the silver birch planted by the late Queen Mother to commemorate her family link to Beltingham church.

Mill House area of Bardon Mill with l-r Mill House itself, Mill House Farm and Mill Cottage. The latter 2 are partially obscured by trees in the 2013 shot.

Hawthorn Cottage right with South View/Tavern House behind. The latter was the site of the village's second pub (Fox and Hounds - at one time known as the Lion). In 1905 this was still a pub, now two houses. Oakdene on left is only addition to this scene.

100 years of Hawthorn Cottage. 1900 on the left, taken when the then owners Coates marked the changing of the windows. 2000 and the Mingard family on the right. (The gate on the left has not changed in over 100 years.)

We have asked several people who have lived in the Village if they know where this was. It remains a mystery - perhaps you can shed light on this?

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Newgate, Bardon Mill

Looking into Bardon Mill from the slope just west of the village. Note the recent ribbon growth of the village westward towards Redburn

Vindolanda - date unknown