Bardon Mill & Henshaw 1857

Extracts from a History of Northumberland, 1857 by William Whellan and Co.

Ridley Township is the property of Sir Edward Blackett, who is the lord of the manor, Mrs.Davison and Nicholas Lowes, Esq. It contains 4,388 statute acres and its rateable value is £2,657. Population in 1801 = 191. 1811 = 205. 1821 = 231. 1831 = 233. 1841 = 258. 1851 = 245.

Ridley Hall derives its name from the Ridleys of Willimoteswick to whom it formerly belongs. It was afterwards the seat and lordship of the ancient family of Lowes with whom it remained until 1812 when it became the property of Thomas Bates but is now possessed by Mrs.Davison. The mansion occupies an eminence five and one half miles south east of Haltwhistle in the most beautiful and picturesque scenery.

Willimoteswick is a hamlet and estate in Ridley Township situated four miles south east of Haltwhistle. Here are the extensive ruins of the castle which was anciently the seat of the Ridley family whose lineal descendants now reside at Blagdon. It is the property of Sir Edward Blackett and is now occupied by Mr.Joseph Reay Spraggon.

Bardon Mill

A hamlet four and three-quarters miles east of Haltwhistle which derives its name from a flannel manufactory which is carried on by William Madgen and Son, Here is a station on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway.

There is a Post Office at Bardon Mill station and John Harrison is the postmaster. Letters arrive from Newcastle and the south at 11.55.a.m. and from Carlisle and the west at 11.28.a.m. They are despatched to Carlisle, etc., at 3.10.p.m. and to Newcastle and the south at 3.26.p.m.

Laying the foundation stone of the Methodist Chapel at Henshaw 1897

Laying the foundation stone of the Methodist Chapel  at Henshaw, Bardon Mill, Northumberland

Residents of Bardon Mill and District:

Askew, William; wood-bailiff; Kingswood Cottage
Bell, Robert; stonemason; Bent Head
Mr.Graham Thomas Tow House
Harding, John; blacksmith; Tow House
Mr.Jackson, John, Hardriding
Harrison, John; stationmaster; Bardon Mill
Parker, Robert; schoolmaster of Henshaw School; Home:Prudhoe Castle
Pattinson, Ann; milliner & straw bonnet maker; Redburn
Madgen, William & Son; woollen manufacturer; Home: Greencroft, Haltwhistle
Ridley, Andrew; gamekeeper; Bonney Rigg
Robinson, William; wood bailiff; Joe House
Robson, George; blacksmith; Twice Brewed


Boot and Shoemakers

Burkitt, George; Bardon Mill
Johnson, John
Knott, Joseph; Redburn
Smith, Matthew; Henshaw

Cartwrights and Joiners

Cook, William; Tow House
Foster, William; Tow House
Henderson, Thomas; Tow House
Kirk, Walter; Twice Brewed
Makepeace, John; Tow House
Pattison, Thomas; Redburn
Shield, George; Bardon Mill
Thompson, Francis (also a cabinet maker) Tow House lives in Henshaw

Corn Millers and merchants

Reed, Robert & Sons; Plankey Mill
Ridley, James; Bardon Mill


Armstrong, John; Hindley Steel
Armstrong, John; Braidley Hall
Armstrong, Margaret; Hardriding
Armstrong, Walter; Scotscoltherd
Armstrong, William; Bogg
Armstrong, William; Bents House
Bell, Anthony; Scotscoltherd
Coats, Isabella; Seatsides
Cook, John; Ruflers Close
Cook, Joseph; Redburn
Cook, William & John; Shawhead
Dodd, Barbara; Gibbs Hill
Harding, Thomas; Henshaw
Hedley, Ralph; Hunter Crook
Johnson, John; Kingswood Hall
Laidlea, John; Bank Head
Liddell, Christopher; Brockellee
Lowes, Thomas; Galleshaw Rigg
Lowes, William; Grindon Green
Makepeace, Nicholas; Ramshaw Field
Maughan, John; Parkside
Nixon, John; Greenlee
Pattison, Jonathan; Hardriding
Pickering, George; Stone Hall {also Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages}
Reed, Robert & Son; Plankey Mill
Ridley, James; Bardon Mill
top Smith, Cuthbert; Brown Rigg
Smith, Edward; Cornholmes
Thompson, Richard; Tow House
Thompson, Thomas; Seatsides
Woodman, Edward; High Shield

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

Bell, Elizabeth; Low Winshields
English, Ann
Foster, William; Tow House
Goodfellow, Archibald; Redburn Hill
Kirk, Walter; Twice Brewed
Robinson, Margaret; Tow House

Inns & Taverns

Morrow, John; Grey Hound, Bardon Mill
Ridley, John; Blue Bell, Tow House
Bell, Jane; Twice Brewed
Elliott, Thomas; Twice Brewed


Henshaw is a township and hamlet in the property of Sir Edward Blackett; John Clayton, Esq; Sir Thomas Clavering,; Nicholas Lowes, Esq; Mr.Richard Thompson and others. The township comprises an area of 11,255 acres and its rateable value is £4,316. 12. 6.
Sir Edward Blackett is the possessor of manorial rights.

There are two chapels. Wesleyan: erected in 1840 Primitive Methodist erected in 1836

Notice hereby given...

That we women workers wishes to inform the farmers in this neighbourhood that we intend to struch for more wages after this week beginning on May 5th when we want eighteen pence a day and in haytime eighteen pence and our tea in corn harvest three shillings and our tea and if you think it tow much you must take into consideration the price of your beef and mutton eggs butter and chease and consider we have them to bye it is to be hoped that there will be no blacklegs amongst us good night.

Reproduced from a Bondagers letter of complaint found amongst old family papers by Ruth Forster. It may have been sent to George Pickering who was a farmer at Stone Hall (mid-19thC). The letter has no date, no names and is unsigned.