Bardon Mill & Henshaw in 1910

Data from local directories. Researched by John Watson

Bardon Mill Hamlet

Village Shop 1910 ©Ruth Foster

Village Shop 1910

BARDON MILL is a hamlet and station on the Carlisle and Newcastle section of the North Eastern railway, 5 miles east from Haltwhistle, 11 west of Hexham and 31 west of Newcastle-on-Tyne. The United Methodist chapel is a building of stone, erected in 1860, at a cost of £150, and seating about 100 persons.
Here is a brick and tile manufactory carried on by Messrs. Errington Reay and Co.
The Reading Room and Library was established in 1893; the library contains 420 volumes.
The Grange is the residence of Dixon Pratt esq. and Miss Pratt.
Post. M. 0. & T. Office, Bardon Mill Station (letters should have Northumberland added) James Henry Thompson, postmaster. Letters arrive from Carlisle at 7.22 a.m. & 5.19 p.m. & from Hexham at 7.48 a,m. & 6.5 p.m. ; dispatched to Newcastle, 10.36 a.m - & 3.18 & 7.38 p.m. ; to Carlisle, 5 p.m. & to Hexham, 7.38 p.m. 5unday, arrive from Newcastle, 8.38 a.m. ; from Carlisle, 8.14 a.m. ; dispatched to Newcastle, 7.14 p.m. ; to Carlisle, 7.10 p.m
Railway Station, Bardon Mill, James Henry Thompson. Stationmaster
Pratt Dixon, The Grange
Pratt Miss, The Grange
Bardon Mill Public Hall Co. Limited (E. J. Carrol, Sec.)
Bardon Mill Reading Room & Library (William Forster, hon. sec)
Dickinson John Lawrence, Bowes Hotel
Errington, Reay & Co. brick & tile manufacturers
Harding Henderson, grocer
Laidler & Co. drapers
London Joint Stock Bank Limited (sub-branch) (open friday, from 11.15 a.m. to 3 p.m.) (W. S. Walton, manager);
draw on head office, 5 Princes st. London
Nicholson Jn. miller (water) & farmer
Reay Edward, butcher
Reay Isaac, shopkeeper


Millhouse Hamlet

MILLHOUSE is a hamlet adjacent to Bardon Mill station and on the north bank of the River Tyne, here crossed by an iron foot-bridge, upwards of 100 yards in length, erected in 1883, at a cost of £550, and connecting this place with Beltingham and Ridley.
Letters through Carlisle via Bardon Mill, the nearest money order & telegraph office, arrive at 8.30 a.m.
Police Station, Arthur James Willoughby, constable
Makepeace Miss
Burn Jane (Miss), market gardener
Coats John, farmer
Harding Robert & John, farmers
Pratt Robert Thomas. farmer & landowner
Redshaw Margaret (Mrs.), Fox & Hounds Public House


Early picture of view from Housesteads ©Unknown

Roman Wall Postcard


THORNGRAFTON is a township forming part of the ecclesiastical parish of Beltingham-with-Henshaw, on the north bank of the River Tyne, I mile north from Bardon Mill station on the Newcastle and Carlisle section of the North Eastern railway and 5 miles east from Haltwhistle. In this township is a colliery and sand and ironstone quarries. In the neighbourhood are the remains of several Roman stations, including, Housesteads, in this parish, the well-known station Borcovicus, regarded as the most perfect on the wall; it is situated on a basaltic precipice facing the north, and on the southern slope may be traced, both above and below the surface; the massive remains of a large Romano-British town, which grew up under the protection of the fortress: a quarter of a mile south, but within the limits of the town, is a conical hill, or knoll, known as " Chapel Hill," on the crest of which are traces of a building, perhaps a temple; on the west side there runs a clear stream, and by its side, in 1821, was discovered a cave containing altars to Mithras, the Persian sun-god, and other emblems of that worship: on the site, in Nov. 1883, were found two altars to Mars Thincsus, and the two Alaesiaeae, Beda and Fiminilena, and to the divinity of the Augusi, dedicated by German and Frisian mercenaries : there was also met with a semicircular carved stone, with figures of Mars attended by Victuries bearing palms and wreaths. A bronze purse was found here containing sixty coins of Hadrian (A.D. 117-138), and many other Roman remains have been discovered.

The Duke of Northumberland K.G. P.C. and Sir Hugh D. Blackett Bart. Are lords of the manor

The principal landowners are Sir Hugh D. Blackett Bart. the Hon. Francis Bowes- Lyon and Mrs. Clayton, of The Chesters, Hexham. The soil chiefly is sand and lime. The area is 4,346 acres of land and 176 of water; rateable value, £3,928; the population in 1901 was 296.


Thorngrafton Residents 1910

MCook William, Birkshaw
Robson Mrs. Herbley Strand
Rowell Mrs. West End Town
Sharpley Edward Burgess


Brown Philip, farmer
Clark Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer
Dodds Luke, miller (water), Crow Hall Mill
Harding Geo. farmer, West End Town
Harding Jn.Williamm.farmer, Chesterholm
Herdman Henry, farmer, West Beggar Bog
Muirdaw Robert, farmer, Morwood
Nicholson Dickinson, farmer, Birkshaw
Oliver Jas. Dunn, farmer, Birkshaw
Pattinson Joseph, farmer, Hotbank
Pearson Mary (Miss), shopkeeper
Sharpe James William, colliery owner, Barcombe
Tweddle Thomas. farmer, Crindledykes
Usher John & George, farmers, High Meadow
Usher Jane (Mrs.) farmer, Whitshield
Veitch Robert, farmer, East Hotbank
Waters Thomas, farmer,West Hotbank
Woodman Ralph, farmer, Crow Hall
Teats William, farmer, Bradley


Laying Foundations Of Methodist Chapel ©Unknown

Foundations Of Methodist Chapel


HENSHAW township forms part of the ecclesiastical parish of Beltingham with Henshaw, and is near the South Tyne river, three quarters of a mile west from the Bardon Mill station on the Carlisle and Newcastle Section of the North Eastern railway, and 4 east from Haltwhistle.
The district church of All Hallows, erected in 1888-9, at a cost, including one acre of land, of £1,200, as, a memorial to Bishop Ridley, and consecrated On Ascension Day, 1889, is a plain building of stone in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, vestry and organ chamber, porch and a western turret containing one bell: there are 150 sittings; it is served by the vicar of Beltingham. The Wesleyan chapel, erected in 1840, and rebuilt in 1897, has 100 sittings. The Primitive Methodist chapel, built in 1836 and enlarged in 1885 at a cost of £390, is an edifice of stone, seating 150 persons: A Sunday school room was added in 1905.
Green Lee Lough, a lake I mile long and half a mile broad, lies near to the Hall, and is well stocked with fish. Broomlee Lough and Crag Lough are also in this township. Bonny Rigg Hall is the residence during the shooting season of Sir Hugh D. Blackett Bart. Of Matfen Hall, who is Lord of the manor. The trustees of Capt. Sir Henry. Augustus Clavering Bart. (d. 1893, ext.) Mrs. Clayton of The Chesters Hexham, and the trustees of the late CoI. Charles James Briggs, of Hylton Castle, Sunderland (d. 1900), are the principal landowners.
The area is 13,080 acres of land and 99 of water; rateable value, £6,418; The population in 1901 was 574.
Public Elementary School, built in 1870, for 120 children average attendance, 100; Edward. James Carroll, master. Church of England School, Henshaw, built in 1874, for 70 children; average attendance, 44; Miss Mary Gill, mistress; Rev. H. C. Newbery M.A. The Vicarage, correspondent


Residents Of Henshaw 1910

Armstrong Annie, Jane & Catherine (Misses), farmers, Hindley Steel
Armstrong Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Bradley Hall
Armstrong Jas. farmer, Winshields
Armstrong John, farmer, Layside
Armstrong Joseph Todd, farmer, Hardriding
Armstrong Thomas. Lowes, farmer, Beggar Bog
Armstrong William. farmer, Hardriding
Bell Philip, farmer, Brownrigg
Bell Thomas, farmer, Gibbs Hill
Coates William, farmer, East Twice Brewed
Cook William, farmer, & farm bailiff to Sir Hugh D. Blackett 'bart. High Shields
Dinning Anthony, farmer, Cranberry Brow
Dixon William, farmer, Smith Shield
Elliott Thomas, farmer, Greenlee
English John, farmer, Ruffler's Close
Forster John, farmer, Parkside
Forster Robert, tailor & farmer, Close House
Green William, farmer, Foggridge
Harding Henderson, farmer ,Stonehllll
Harding Jn. William. farmer, Codleygate
Henderson Jn. Pigg, farmer & assistant overseer, Huntercrook & Showhead
Hindmarsh John, farmer, Bank Head
Hudspith George. farmer, Meadow Dale
Hudspith John, farmer, Waughsbank
Keen. Robert, farmer, Causeway
Kirk John, farmer, Cadgerford
Liddle Christopher, farmer, Bank
Makepeace Nicholas John, farmer, Ramshawfield
Martin Thomas, head gamekeeper to Sir Hugh D. Blackett bart. Bonnyrigg
Mole James, farmer, bailiff to R. Burdon esq. Brockalee
Potts Leonard, West Twice Brewed J P.H
Ridley John, grocer
Ridley William Henderson, gardener, The Elms
Tomlinson William, farmer, Seatside Robson Jn., J.P. farmer, Grindon Green
Vipond Peter, farmer, Gallashawrigg
Watson Edward, farmer, Foggridge
Wilson George, mason