What They Said About Bardon Mill & Henshaw

Extracts from an article titled Agriculture in West Northumberland (author unknown)


Lord Walden quoted as saying, "I cannot persuade honest people to live in South Tynedale."


Celia Fiennes visiting Haltwhistle - There was but one Inn but they had now hay nor would get none, and when my servants had got some elsewhere they were angry and would not entertain me, so I was forced to take up in a poor cottage which was open to thatch and no partitions but hurdles plaister'd; indeed even the loft as they called it which was over the other rooms was sheltered but with a hurdle…..The landlady brought me out her best sheets which serv'd to secure my own sheets against her dirty blanckets…but now sleep could I get, they burning turff and their chimneys are sort of flews or open tunnells that the smoake does annoy the roomes


William Cobbett in his 'Tour of the Four Northern Counties of England' (1832) describes the land of West Northumberland as "but very indifferent". Livestock being "of the coarse kind", cows "sway-backed and badly shaped". However, he is enthusiastic about the turnips which are "the largest and finest cultivated that my eyes ever beheld."

Extracts from local newspapers selected by Mr K Hood

Hexham Courant Oct 27 1883

Barcombe Colliery and Quarries purchased by Mesrs Sharp Harding and Bros from Mrs Makepeace and others in whose possession they have been for nearly 50 years. Coal is excellent household quality and much sought after, carts coming from Allendale and regularly over 10 miles to the pit. A bed of good fireclay lies under the seam and is used for fine ornamental work and chimney pots.

Harding Henderson Shopkeeper 1930
photo © Ruth Foster

Haltwhistle Echo Jan31 1930

Bardon Mill Village Hall used for Carnival, Dances etc

Haltwhistle Echo 6 June 1930

Bardon Mill branch representative on the Committee of Haltwhistle and Greenhead and District Co-op is Mr J Lamb

Haltwhistle Echo June 1961

Mr J McKenna applies to construct a private car park for commercial vehicles by side of Willow Café. BM Parish Council turn it down. 350 men reported to work at Bardon Mill Colliery, producing 600 tons of saleable coal per day.

Haltwhistle Echo 27 Dec 1963

The last dance to be held in the village hall will take place on New Year`s Eve. The Hall has been acquired by a local firm for a garage and warehouse.

Haltwhistle Echo 30 Oct 1964

Village hall to become a garage.

Hexham Courant 2 April 1971 Front page.

Bardon Mill Co-op to close April 10th. Following fire. Mr Oliver, manager of large bakery in Hexham, seeks planning permission to build wooden shop on own land at the Forge. In meantime he has firms own van to deliver.

Hexham Courant 23 July 1971 page 2.

New shop opens in Bardon Mill. Alfred Oliver who had travelling shop (wife running it), will run new shop. Article refers to the disastrous fire in April at Bardon Mill Co-op.


[Mr K Hood has published a book "An Illustrated Guide to the Co-operative Societies of the North Pennines" published by the North Pennines Heritage Trust.]