Bardon Mill Parish Council

The Parish Council as the most local form of government is closest to the electorate in that all councillors must live within or very close to the parish boundary. It meets several times a year and its meetings are normally open to the public. The council is responsible for functions like cutting grass around the war memorial or the village green, commenting on planning applications that affect people in the parish and contributing to local events or organisations. Bardon Mill Parish is large by national standards, because it is such a sparsely populated area. Henshaw Parish Council now has its own website. Click here.

Parish Councillors

The rules and regulations for Parish Council Elections are included in the 1983 and 1985 Representation of the People Acts together with the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) Rules 1986. The Electoral Administration Act 2006 includes details of how voting is carried out at the polling station and postal and proxy voting. These rules also explain the electoral timetable, combined elections, poll cards and co-option of members.

Parish councillors are elected every four years, or in the event that there are not enough candidates to contest all the seats, candidates may be appointed by the existing councillors. You may contact your parish councillor for information about the council, any of its functions, or to comment on its work. Please be aware of the limited responsibilities of parish councillors. You might well need to contact your local councillor representing you on Northumberland County Council. Currently this is Cllr. Alan Sharpe.