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Village Store and Tea Room

Latest - Revised Opening Times

Customer feedback, mainly from the number of people coming through the doors has shown Wednesday afternoon to be a particularly quiet time of the week, even with the PO van outside. Therefore Michael and Dawn will now be open for longer on Tuesdays and close after lunch on Wednesday. So the new times are:
Mon 8 -2
Tue 8-5
Wed 8-2
Thu 8-5
Fri 8-5
Sat 10-4
Sun 10-4

New Bread & Pies

The shop now has bread, pies and cake from the Geordie Bakers. These include beer, multi-grain, rosemary sourdough, loaves; spinach and feta pies and a really delicious carrot cake.
Michael and Dawn are really pleased to have won the Daily Telegraph Village Shop of The Year for the North East of England 2013. At a ceremony hosted by the Countryside Alliance, they were presented with the award and invited to attend the national finals in London in April.
What is most pleasing to Michael and Dawn is that they were nominated by their customers, who value the shop and cafe as a centre of the community after only ten months in operation. The judges inspection of the shop included a look at the store and cafe on a working day when locals and visitors to the village were making use of the cafe with its hot drinks, cakes and snacks, homemade sandwiches, etc. and the shop with its stock of locally produced foods.

The deadline for getting your orders in for personal delivery is usually the first Monday in the month. Please let Michael know if there are any Suma products you would like ordered as a personal order, or to stock in the shop. Suma is a supplier of organic and Fair Trade goods as well as a range of bagged and canned goods. It allows community groups to place a bulk order for high quality food and household goods. Michael has a catalogue in the shop, or you can search online and order from Michael.

Michael and Dawn would like thank everyone for the tremendous support given to them since they reopened the village shop and tea room. They have now published their second newsletter. If you have not received your copy, please ask at the store.

A number of local products including, Northumberland milk, cheeses, eggs and breads are on the shelves. There is now a wider range of magazines, alongside the daily newspapers. All the coffee and tea sold in the tea shop are Fair Trade. The range of artisan breads is proving popular, especially the Chai and Sourdough, although white and wholemeal are also available. As Michael and Dawn fine tune their product list, they really do need your help in reporting back your views. Let Michael know your favourites. The shop is now open Wednesday afternoon when the post office van is outside. Christina Mingard is working part-time, Sundays and Monday morning.

The Tea Room

The hot chocolate and toasted tea cakes are a welcome addition to the teas and coffees on offer. Already a success, the tea room with its offerings of hot and cold drinks and delicious home-baked cakes is a welcome meeting place for those who have time to sit and watch village life from the window overlooking the green, or just to take time out from a walk or cycle along the South Tyne Valley. This is one of the many things that makes village life so attractive and is set to become a central part of the community. Come down and enjoy that cappuchino al fresco.

The Shop & Delicatessen

The store sells various grocery lines, including breads, dairy, cereals and tinned foods. It has a range of fresh fruit and veg as well as wines and beers. The deli stocks delicious local cheeses alongside fresh olives and sliced meats. Added to this a selection of magazines and newspapers and there is enough to serve the needs of customers.

Michael is selling Suma products and wants to know what items to order. If you would like to buy Suma products, either from the shop or as a personal order, please contact Michael and let him know. He is doing this regularly, as Julie Gibbon and Irene Cowans before her used to do.

Like most village shops, the Bardon Mill Village Store will not try to sell everything that people need from a supermarket. What it does, is provide some of the staples you might need urgently, without having to travel to the nearest town. But what it can also do is keep in stock, some of the luxuries, or local products that supermarkets cannot be bothered to supply in their attempts to be global brands and all things to all people. Michael and Dawn can only provide what local people or visitors let them know are needed. We must support them, both by requesting items we would like them to stock and in regularly shopping there too. There is always going to be a struggle between cost and convenience, but we can show Michael and Dawn that we appreciate the investment they have made in opening a store and tea shop in our community.